The working principle of a dynamic air disinfection machine is that the plasma pipe of the plasma air disinfection device produces a large amount of positive and negative ions. The charged ion cluster actively attacks virus bacteria, destroying the cell membrane, the virus DNA and protein, so that the air bacterial virus can quickly lose its activity until it is killed And decomposition.
The ultra -quiet heart fan will inhale the dirty air in the closed room into the machine, and filter the large and small dust in the air through the composite of (coarse effect+medium effect+activated carbon+optical catalyst) composite filter. Strong ultraviolet lights are instantly killed in the flow of bacteria in flowing air, and the clean air that has been filtered and killed from bacteria is returned to the room. The clean air is flowing rapidly to purify and sterilize the air. When disinfection, people do not have to leave the place of disinfection because it does not cause any harm to the human body.

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