The use of hydrogen peroxide is widely used in daily life, in fact, hydrogen peroxide is hydrogen peroxide, a chemical among which we are more familiar. Hydrogen peroxide manufacturers are mainly used for sterilization and external medical purposes, such as wound disinfection. The best ratio for testing blood: 6% hydrogen peroxide plus 0.005% methylene blue. Wuxi hydrogen peroxide with higher concentration (more than 10%) is used in textile, leather, paper, and wood manufacturing industries as bleaching and deodorizing agents. Hydrogen peroxide is also one of the components of hair dyes, and is also used as a material for synthesizing organic raw materials (catechol), medicine, metal surface treatment agent, polymerization initiator, etc. Can also be used as rocket propellant. Industrial hydrogen peroxide is another hydrogen oxide besides water. The viscosity is slightly higher than that of water, and the chemical properties are unstable. Generally, it is stored in the form of a 30% or 60% aqueous solution, and its aqueous solution is commonly known as hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide has strong oxidizing properties and is weakly acidic. Do you know the purpose of industrial hydroperoxides?

Industrial hydrogen peroxide is a colorless, odorless liquid that has the functions of bleaching, sterilizing and deodorizing. In some Chinese aquatic products, many enterprises and merchants will use hydrogen peroxide for research and soaking, so as to improve their appearance and make the product design more vivid; it is often used to study some pickled, brined and other products to prevent mildew, so that it can Maintain the color of the company’s products and the completion time of economic growth. At the same time, my country’s industrial hydrogen peroxide has the function of bleaching technology, and is often made into bleaching agent. It is used on woven fabrics such as papermaking and textiles to achieve the problem of fading and bleaching. Because hydrogen peroxide is relatively safe and environmentally friendly, it will not directly cause serious pollution to the environment, so it is widely used in the weaving industry. The oxidation reaction of hydrogen peroxide has also been applied to the living environment, processing and analyzing various socially harmful waste water, and can also regenerate the activated carbon used in the exhaust gas after failure.

Hydrogen peroxide used in industry is more extensive and covers a wide range. Because it is more environmentally friendly, it loves many businesses. Whether on or in the medical industry, hydrogen peroxide plays a certain role. Specializing in the production of hydrogen peroxide, with decades of production experience, it is a high-quality manufacturer.

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