One of the main functions is indoor sterilization and disinfection. For example, if there are old people with pets or babies at home, it can be used frequently, which can destroy the structure of the bacteria DNA and RNA, kill bacteria, and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria and bacteria. At the same time, you can also use refrigerators, wardrobes, cars, etc. in the closed space.
If ultraviolet disinfection lights (bedding) are often used in places with poor ventilation and ventilation at home, various germs such as mites can be effectively killed to create a healthy living environment.

How to use

  1. The usage method of commonly used desktop UV disinfection lights is as follows:

(A) Connect the power supply.

(B) Press the open button.

(C) Select the button for time and select disinfection time.

(D) After selecting the disinfection time, press the open button again.

Third, precautions

  1. When used, people and animals and plants must leave the scene.
  2. Eyes cannot stare at ultraviolet disinfection lights for a long time. UV rays have certain damage to human skin and mucosa, so it should be protected when using it, and the eyes cannot look directly at ultraviolet rays. Otherwise, your eyes will be injured.
  3. When disinfecting disinfection, open or hang the items, expand the exposure, and take a valid distance of about 1 meter or 30 minutes.
  4. When using ultraviolet disinfection lights, keep the environment clean, and there must be no dust or water mist in the air. When the indoor temperature is below 20 degrees Celsius or the relative humidity exceeds 50%, the investigation time should be extended. After rubbing the floor, wait until the ground is dry and disinfect the ultraviolet light.

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