When ultraviolet rays are exposed to microbial bacteria, the transmission and accumulation of energy conversion is caused, and after accumulation, it will be eliminated by microbial bacteria, thereby achieving the purpose of disinfection. When germs and virus infections digest and absorb more than 3,600 ~ 65000UW/C㎡, they have strong lethality for germs and virus infections DNA (DNA) and nucle sugar DNA (RNA), which can cause bacteria and virus infections to infection Lack of survivability and survivability to eliminate bacteria and virus infections, and achieve the results of disinfection and sterilization. Ultraviolet rays can not only make DNA gene mutations, block their copy, transcription ban, and the production of protein content; on the other hand, causing oxygen free radicals can cause optical separation and cause cell death.
The principle of ultraviolet disinfection machine is to use ultraviolet lamp tube radiation to resist compressive strength, that is, the lata degree resistance generated by ultraviolet sterilization lamps, which is inverse proportional to the spacing of disinfectant. When the split degree of compression strength is affirmed, the longer the disinfectant stays, the closer to the sterilization lamp tube, the better the actual effect of the sterilization, and the worse.
When the household ultraviolet disinfection machine is used to disinfect air, when the lamp is lit up, each disinfection time should not be less than 30-60 minutes. UV disinfection machines can work daily in the house when they are working. Essence

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