Plasma disinfection machines can efficiently sterilize, plasma sterilization and disinfection effect is extremely high, and the effect time is short, which is far less than that of high -intensity ultraviolet rays.
Principle of plasma disinfection machine: pre -loaded electricity dust. With extremely uneven electrostatic fields, or forming electric halo discharge, a plasma is formed, which includes many electrons and positive ions under the ladder of electrostatic fields, with non -elastic collision with granular pollution substances in the air, and then adhere to it. It turned it into a lotus ion. Under the influence of the external electric field force, the plasma chemical reaction was collected by the pole of the dust collector. Use the steep and narrow veins with high -frequency high -voltage pulses to discharge at front and narrow pulse, and obtain non -thermal plasma at normal temperature. With many active particles in plasma, a poisonous, toxic, and difficult to degrade pollution substance in the plasma can be directly degraded and removed. Essence The negative ion is generated under the influence of the electromagnetic field. With the help of imbalanced electromagnetic and discharge, ozone and negative ions are formed. Driven by ion wind, it spreads to the indoor space. The negative ions of the appropriate concentration value not only regulate the ion balance in the air, but at the same time, it can also efficiently remove the pollution substances in the air. The high concentration of negative ions and the toxic chemicals in the air collide with the collision of the suspended particles of the germs, and the charged particles with negative charges will attract the righteous particles around it. This kind of gathering process has always been maintained until the total weight of the particles is enough to let it land underground.

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