1. Use precautions in maintenance
  2. Ultraviolet disinfectant must be checked regularly to ensure the normal operation of ultraviolet disinfection lights. If the lights are abnormal, you need to immediately rule out the circuit problem, and take measures such as replacing lights to ensure the sterilization effect.
  3. UV disinfectant decreased by 10,000 hours or 1 year after continuous use of 10,000 hours or 1 year. Therefore, in order to ensure a high sterilization rate, please replace ultraviolet lights. In addition, if you do not need, please be careful not to frequently perform the switch operation of ultraviolet disinfectant. This is because this will reduce the life of the light to a certain extent.
  4. When replacing the lights of the UV disinfectioner, remove the power socket of the UV disinfectioner and take out the ultraviolet lamp. When putting a new light, please be careful not to touch the newly lamp’s quartz glass tube. Because there is dirt on the valve, dirt may affect the passage of ultraviolet rays, thereby affecting the sterilization effect. At the same time, in order to prevent the light from being damaged by external forces, the light must be carefully placed in the stainless steel sterilizer.
  5. When used for hard water disinfection, the quartz tube in ultraviolet disinfectant needs to be cleaned regularly. This is because the hardness (calcium and magnesium) substances, iron and manganese such as hardness (calcium and magnesium) are attached to hard water, thereby reducing the passage of ultraviolet rays. After the quartz tube is cleaned, we must wear a dedicated plastic glove to put the quartz tube carefully into the reactor, that is, the tube of the ultraviolet disinfectant. Make sure the detection lights of UV germs shine stably.
  6. Precautions for use safely

UV disinfectant has strong lethality for bacteria. Mainly because UV -destroying cell DNA and RNA quickly killed microorganisms. This characteristic of ultraviolet rays also hurts to the human body.

Because the area where the human body is prone to injury is the cornea of the eyes, the lights that cannot be lit by looking directly at the UV sterilizer at any time to avoid injury. When confirming the light of the lights, you need to confirm the ordinary glass (wearing glasses) or light transmittance plastic sheets, but the quartz glass can hardly cover the ultraviolet rays, please pay attention.

If you are accidentally injured by ultraviolet rays, don’t panic first. In the case of skin burns, the epidermis is peeled after a few days, and it can be cured without cure. If the eyes are injured, they will cry and tingle, and it will be cured in about 3 or 4 days. When being damaged by ultraviolet rays, if you do not know the degree of damage, it is recommended to immediately accept the doctor’s diagnosis and seek help.

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