1. Remove the particles in the air

The air disinfectant can effectively remove various inhaled suspended particles such as dust, coal, and smoke in the air, thereby preventing the human body from inhaling these harmful floating particles.

  1. Quickly remove chemical gases

The air disinfectioner can effectively remove the harmful gases released by volatile organic matter, formaldehyde, benzene, pesticide, atomized hydrocarbons, paint, furniture and decoration. And avoid allergies, cough, pharyngitis, pneumonia and other physical discomfort caused by inhalation of harmful gases.

  1. Effectively eliminate odor

The air disinfectant also has a good effect on the odor and air pollution emitted by chemicals, animals, tobacco, oil fume, decoration, garbage, etc., and purify the indoor air for 24 hours, so that indoor air can be a virtuous circle.

  1. Remove microorganism and pollutants

The air disinfectant can absorb bacteria, viruses, mold, and mold on the surface of the object, remove the diseased sources caused by dead dandruff and pollen in the air, and reduce the spread of disease in the air.

Air is the basic needs of human life, and it will always accompany us. Air is what we live in. If we do not pay attention to air quality for a long time, it will have a great impact on our health and life efficiency. It turns out that precision medical air disinfection machines are not only useful, but also indispensable in home life.

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