When it comes to indoor air pollution, we first think of odor, mites, formaldehyde, volatile organic compound tvoc, etc., but few people will notice a commonly used pathogenic pollution source-mold!
The mold toxin secreted by mold is the same concentration, its harm is more harmful than pesticides and heavy metals, which can cause wider damage to the human physiological system, and it grows in our home environment day and night.

    You may not be able to see the mold that grows on the wall with the naked eyes, but they are omnipipiporous. Mold is a microorganism that can quickly breed in a warm and humid environment. Some of them can cause symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and cause respiratory tract and intestinal diseases, such as asthma and dysentery, especially for children and the elderly.

How does indoor molds produce?

    Moom is mostly growing on the wet wall and kitchen, bathroom, balcony, window, pool, air -conditioning system and other places. The spore powder flows with the air. When there is a corresponding environment, the surface of the object will be adhered to the surface and spread quickly.

    EDDA Air-Application Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Environmental Engineering has created the technology of plasma air purification technology and successfully realized Einstein's ionization theory. By simulating the natural air environment, the quality of indoor air has been significantly improved, and various harmful pollutants are effectively removed and broken down effectively and quickly. This is our belief that "can enjoy forest -like air at home." Our technology solves many traditional problems such as activated carbon, lithography, ozone generator, high -voltage static electricity, and photocatalyst. Our plasma air purification technology can effectively reduce the dust in the air, neutralize and decompose pollutants in the air, disinfect bacteria and mold, effectively control volatile organic compounds, and clean the air!

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