A hospital is a very mixed place. There are not only seriously ill patients with viruses and bacteria, but also healthy people who may be infected. Therefore, high requirements for air cleanliness are required. To improve hospital air quality, hydrogen peroxide sterilizers are widely used in the healthcare industry. What can a hydrogen peroxide sterilizer do? Let’s follow along with us to find out.
For the special circumstances of the hospital, it is especially necessary to use a hydrogen peroxide sterilizer. Because once the air quality in the hospital is poor, the patient’s physical quality will decline, and the resistance will be reduced. Not only difficult to recover, but also susceptible to new diseases. In addition, viruses and bacteria are transmitted through the air, greatly increasing the possibility of infection of patients’ families and medical staff. Hydrogen peroxide sterilizers sterilize the air in the shortest possible time, improving the environment so that viruses and bacteria have nowhere to hide.

The role of hydrogen peroxide sterilizers in the medical and health industry is far more than that. Through the built-in filter device, the suspended particles in the indoor air are absorbed to further disinfect the indoor air and prevent patients from contracting respiratory diseases. At the same time, the disinfection effect of hydrogen peroxide sterilizer should not be underestimated. During the disinfection process, efficient enzymes are used to decompose indoor bacteria, and chemical reactions occur with them to completely destroy the internal structure of the bacteria; this disinfection process does not produce harmful substances or cause additional pollution.

The hospital is a huge place where viruses and bacteria live. It is believed that the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer will effectively eliminate all air pollution factors in the hospital. If you have other questions about the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, please contact us!

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