Although the new crown vaccine has been implemented and popularized all over the country, the fight against the new crown virus cannot be taken lightly, and we must do a good job of personal protection. For hospitals and public places with a lot of traffic, the use of hydrogen peroxide sterilizer equipment for regular disinfection work, the resistance of the virus to the hydrogen peroxide solution is zero, as long as the hydrogen peroxide sterilizer is used for regular disinfection, it can greatly Avoid getting infected by viruses.

Hydrogen peroxide sterilizers have been widely used in various industries and fields, and have received high evaluations. Here we introduce a fully automatic mobile disinfection equipment, fully automatic atomizing hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine, which can atomize the disinfectant into 1-10 micron particles, so that all the disinfectant floats in the air, so that the package is more many viruses and bacteria and kill them by oxidation. The liquid medicine particles it produces have strong penetrating power and can directly reach the core of the virus. It can not only kill the virus on the surface of the object, but also kill the virus in the air. It is an ideal choice for disinfection and sterilization in hospital departments, airports and movie theaters.

The fully automatic atomizing hydrogen peroxide disinfection function can generate a large amount of disinfection mist in a short time, which can spread to all corners of the disinfection room in a short time to meet the needs of large area and short time disinfection. The mist particles are small and can reach any place with gaps, and the disinfection range is wide; the operation is simple, no water pipe is required, mobile spray disinfection, automatic spraying, a new generation of energy-saving, clean and hygienic air disinfection, sterilization and deodorization, and dust reduction and cooling It is a good substitute for high-pressure hydrogen peroxide sterilizer, gas-water mixing sterilizer, and centrifugal mobile sterilizer.

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