Recently, the epidemic situation across the country has made waves again. There are dozens of new cases every day. Many places are organizing citizens to carry out national nucleic acid testing. At this critical moment, public places with densely populated areas should be disinfected. The disinfection principle of hydrogen oxide sterilizer is very suitable for such places with dense personnel and large venues, which can greatly reduce the spread of germs in public places. In fact, hydrogen peroxide sterilizers have been widely used in hospitals, schools, fitness centers, restaurants and other places with many people, and the feedback on the disinfection effect is still very good!

Disinfection requires proper disinfection equipment. The virus can not only attach to the surfaces of various objects, but also spread through the air. Generally speaking, UV sterilizers, ozone sterilizers and hydrogen peroxide sterilizers are commonly used indoor space and air disinfection equipment. However, ultraviolet and ozone disinfection have a great impact on human health. Therefore, indoor air disinfection and air disinfection are generally sterilized by hydrogen peroxide sterilizers.

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