The principle of physical filtration can only eliminate suspended particulate matter with large shapes, but the elimination function of smaller floats, smoke and harmful substances is weak, and has no effect on sterilization and disinfection and regulating ion balance; applied chemical absorption and adsorption principle existence when it is existence There are relatively large safety hazards, which often cause pollution again. The choice of plasma technology can completely solve such problems, and it is a very good role in sterilization and disinfection, removing formaldehyde, and deodorization of the bathroom. Medical air disinfection machine equipment is mainly composed of a fan, junior high -effect filter, plasma (ultraviolet) module and activated carbon molecule filter. Indoor pollution air circles through the sterilization module and cleaning module under the action of the fan. Eliminate various types of bacterial viruses, viruses, fungi and other pathogenic microorganisms in the air, and eliminate granular floats, organic gases and various strange flavors in the air. It is a truly sterilized cleaning machine. Filtering and cleaning module: This module uses medical -grade high -efficiency filters to purify the air, which can efficiently filter the pollution substances. The frame -type folding structure can be used. , And have no harm to human health; choose new multi -purpose plasma modules, high efficiency of sterilization and disinfection, and obvious purification effects. Use medical -grade high -efficiency filters to purify the air, which can efficiently remove odor shells. , Anti -aging and anti -combustion; pretend to be manual and appointment to meet more needs of users.

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