1) The elimination effect of medical disinfection machines on organisms. The entire process of sterilization of medical disinfection machines can be summarized as 4 methods, that is, arc discharge, bacterial thickness polarization, floating dust transfer, and polar accumulation. The static electrostatic field of the medical disinfection machine is a combined honeycomb -shaped static electricity, which can destroy bacterial wrapping and have the basic function of sterilization. The destruction rate of bacteria of qi mist room is ≥99.90%.
2) The element that directly affects the actual effect of disinfection: 1. The relative humidity of entering the sterilizer is too high, which will have a poor direct impact on the actual effect of disinfection; 2. The cleanliness and destruction of air in the room can directly affect the disinfection of disinfection The actual effect, excessive dust and more severe gas, cannot disinfect; 3. The size of the working voltage will directly affect the magnetic field strength of the internal structure static electric field component, and then directly affect the actual effect of disinfection
3) The principle of destroying creatures: When the creatures (atmospheric oscillated) adhere to the surface of the dusty dust, when the electrostatic field (magnetic field strength is (8.5 ~ 10) KV/CM2) Yes, quickly set towards the area of both aspects, and the medium is charged and discharged. After the accumulation of floating dust, the creature was knocked down in the electrostatic field, and then the role of sterilization dust collector was completed.

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