1. Everbright problems

The hospital’s environmental surface is recognized as the storage library of the pathogen, and the polluting environmental surface plays an important role in the spread of pathogen infection. Studies have shown that environmental cleaning strategy is an important component of hospital infection control. Improve the hospital’s environmental cleaning and disinfection quality can reduce hospital infection. In 2013, 184 environmental samples and 57 medical staff samples were collected from the ICUs of 12 three hospitals in Guangzhou, and 46 MDRABs were separated. The surface of high -frequency contact objects was the main distribution area of drug -resistant bacteria. It can be seen that it is necessary for drug resistance in the ICU environment, and it is necessary to establish effective cleaning and disinfection measures.

Second, the necessity of non -contact disinfection

The role and characteristics of pollution medical environment on cross infection can be attributed to the following points:

One: The ward environment can be polluting pathogens that are infected with/planted patients quickly;

Two: The pathogens on the surface of the ward or the pollution of the surface of the medical machine can survive for a long time; the medical staff frequently exposed to these polluting objects and pollute the hand or gloves;

3: If the ward is infected with MRSA, VRE, and Bowman, the chances of infection/planting of these pathogens will increase; these pathogens will increase;

Fourth: The effect of improving the effect of unclean and disinfection of the ward can be reduced to the chance of subsequent patients infected/planting these pathogens; these pathogens;

Five: Using non -contact ending disinfection methods can significantly reduce the chance of subsequent patients infected by infection/Planting common pathogen infections in the ward. At the same time, the infection and planting rate of the whole hospital will also be significantly reduced.

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