The air disinfection machine belongs to medical equipment, and he uses anti -virus in public places. For example, hospitals, schools, railway stations, slaughterhouses and other dense places. The air purifier is aimed at the indoor, including places where people, offices, and boxes are not very dense, and the treatment of bacteria in the air is eliminated or reduced.

Second, the effect of disinfection machine

It can remove all kinds of allergies in the air, and can also kill bacteria in the air, bacteria, mold, smoke, and so on. Makes the air environment safer, and it will also be contagious in medical control.

Third, the efficacy of the purifier

In the cycle of indoor air, the purifier helps the air to reduce and inhibit the harmful qualities such as formaldehyde, bacteria, and bacteria. Purification of harmful gas in air such as nicotine and pollen.

Fourth, the disinfection machine and purifier are there any radiation

There are disinfectants, and the ability to kill harmful bacteria is great, and of course, it can also kill beneficial cells. Therefore, it is recommended that when you find that the disinfection machine is using a disinfection machine, it is a bit farther. In particular, machines using ultraviolet rays to disinfect more. Relative to the purification device, there is no harm to the human body. The radiation power is small and can be used with confidence.

Through the understanding, everyone knows that the family purifier is sufficient. There are many brands purified on the market. How to choose good products? I think you can find major brands on the Internet to introduce this product, and the evaluation of such products that have been used. You must know that a machine is not cheap. It is troublesome to buy unsatisfactory products in the future.

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