First of all, the focus of the two is different. The definition of the air purifier from the relevant national standards is the household use of the particles, such as formaldehyde (such as formaldehyde), and microorganisms in the air. Similar use electrical appliances.

· The measured value of the clean air volume of the particle and gaseous pollutants should not be less than 90%of the nominal value;

· Run 1 hour in the simulation site and on -site test conditions, the antibacterial (sterilization) rate is ≥50%.

The definition of air disinfection machines is a machine that uses physical, chemicals or other methods to kill, remove indoor air microorganisms, and meet disinfection requirements. In other words, the air disinfection machine tests the killing rate of germs, which has higher requirements for disinfection.

· Simulation on -site experiments, the killing rate of Bacillus Bacillus should be ≥99.90%;

· On -site tests, the fading rate of natural bacteria in the air should ≥90.0%(the above experiments must be repeated 3 times each, each time must meet the standards, and both meet the standards).

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