What about the current status of the air disinfection machine industry and the development prospects of the industry? Since the outbreak of global epidemic in 2020, the problem of gas has gradually become a topic of domestic attention. Breathing health has become a sensitive incident that touches everyone. In addition to public health and air pollution, the pollution of home air environment is hot topics in recent years. Research and research shows that most of the new crown virus infection comes from closed space, which is particularly important to prevent and control epidemic prevention and control in the indoor air purification industry. Under the epidemic, home disinfection has become extremely important, and air disinfection machines have become a must -have.
What is the positioning of the air disinfection machine market? What are the actual use? The domestic disinfection machine industry has grown late, but after years of development and growth, it has already begun to show market potential. Among them, the medical field is still very large. At the same time The market potential in the household field has risen rapidly. For this reason, the industry scale of the production of air disinfection machines is increasing, and the competition in the industry is increasing. The air disinfection machine is a equipment for gaseous sterilization and disinfection. Use a fan to draw the gas into the disinfection machine, and use various methods to disinfect, deodorize, and sterilize and then discharge the gas indoors to achieve the effect of purifying the air. The air disinfection machine is also positioned by the Health Commission as a disinfection device product. Different from the type of household appliances of the air purifier, it can be destroyed or removed in the indoor air by physical, chemical or other methods, and can meet the disinfection requirements. In addition to the so -called sterilization disinfection such as bacterial, virus, mold, spores, etc., some models can also remove organic pollution gas such as formaldehyde and phenols in indoor air, and can prevent and eliminate new coronary viruses. And effectively removes the smoke and smoke smell of smoking, the bad odor of the bathroom, and the man’s body taste.

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