Merlot and Purple Syrup
Red syrup (mercury bromide red solution) and purple syrup (methyl violet solution) are commonly used hydrogen peroxide for skin at the end of the last century, which will color the skin and affect the appearance after use. The red-purple syrup is mainly used for symptoms such as superficial skin trauma and mucosal infection, and the bactericidal effect is poor. Due to the toxicity of mercury and the potential carcinogenic risk of methyl violet solutions, disinfection is not currently recommended.

Hydrogen peroxide
Hydrogen peroxide, also known as hydrogen peroxide, has a daily concentration of 2 to 3 points. It has poor stability and is prone to failure due to improper storage. Mainly used for skin wound disinfection, it has good effect on intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pyogenic coccus and anaerobic bacteria. When used, the hydrogen peroxide decomposes to produce air bubbles, which oxidize the wound to white, causing a burning sensation.

In addition, hydrogen peroxide can also cause the proliferation of scar tissue due to irritation, so facial disinfection is not recommended.

Medical alcohol
The concentration of medical alcohol is 75 points, with strong permeability, poor stability, improper storage, and volatilization failure. It is mainly used for disinfection of hands, skin, and surfaces of instruments. It has strong bactericidal effect and strong irritation. It can destroy normal tissue in the wound, delay wound healing, and promote the formation of scar tissue. It is not recommended for open wounds and eyes, nose, mouth, and perineum. Disinfection of sensitive mucous membranes.

Iodine tincture, also known as iodine, is an ethanolic solution of iodine and potassium iodide with a certain concentration. The higher the concentration, the darker the color and the stronger the bactericidal effect. Commercial concentrations are generally 2 points. The bactericidal effect of iodine is stronger than that of iodophor and alcohol, but it is irritating and corrosive. Generally, apply 75 points of medical alcohol for 2-3 minutes and then exfoliate, otherwise the skin on the application site will blister and peel.

Due to its irritant and corrosive nature, it can only be used for disinfection of intact skin, otherwise it will delay wound healing and promote the formation of scar tissue.

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