High environmental protection factor is also a major feature of plasma disinfection machines, because plasma disinfection machines can continue to work. It will not release odor and noise, and will not produce ultraviolet rays. Ozone can prevent it from causing secondary pollution to air, which can be large. Ensure environmental safety limit. Plasma disinfection machines also have excellent degradation, because this disinfection machine can not only complete disinfection of air while working, but also degrade harmful and toxic gases in the air.

  The National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention once conducted a special test on the ionic disinfection machine. It can be seen from the test report that the degradation rate of the formaldehyde in the air within 24 hours of the ionic disinfection machine can reach more than 90%. 93%, and the degradation rate of ammonia can be as high as 78%. Using a plasma disinfection machine indoors can also effectively remove a variety of pollutants such as smoke and flue gas in the air, which will make the indoor environment fresher.

 Low energy consumption is a major feature of plasma disinfection machines. This disinfection machine consumes electricity in the process of work. Especially for ozone disinfection machines and ultraviolet disinfection machines, its energy consumption is other disinfection dose 1 1 1 /3, if the plasma disinfection machine is placed in a 150 -square -meter room for disinfection, it will only consume 150 watts per hour and save thousands of yuan a year.

  Long service life is also a major feature of plasma disinfection machines. This disinfection machine does not need to replace other sterilization materials during use. Its whole machine has a service life of more than 10 years, while the life of the disinfection machine used before people used only 5 livelihoods. Around the year, new consumables need to be replaced during use. There are often such failures during use. If there is no perfect follow -up service, it is difficult for him to work normally, and people choose a plasma disinfection machine without such troubles. The manufacturer will provide a complete after -sales service, and will come to the door for inspection on time, and find the problems in time.

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