The infectious department is a venue where a variety of virus and bacteria are more aggregated. The problem of air quality index management methods directly endanger the health of medical staff, patients and even relatives. Most of the infectious diseases, the disease occurs sharply and changes rapidly. If the medical staff cannot deal with and solve the patient’s infection period in time, they will increase the incidence of hospital infection. According to the data survey report, various infectious pathogenic microbial bacteria are themed activities such as speeches, dry cough, sneezing, and their cleanup, sorting, and staff walking. With the flow of gas circulation and other air pollution. Therefore, the natural environment and equipment treatment of the Hospital Hospital of Respiratory Medicine is unreasonable, and it will produce a variety of risks. For example, the opening of the respiratory isolation room is open to the outside world; the hospital ward and the aisle indoor ventilation; the sterilization of the pollution belt is incomplete and persistent. Therefore, strengthen the management method of breathing internal air quality index. With safety, reasonable, and sustainable indoor air disinfection equipment, setting up the level countermeasures such as plasma air disinfection machines at key nodes is causing many hospital outpatient clinics.
The plasma air disinfection machine generated in the designated medical institutions in my country has foreign brands from Europe and the United States. The design plan production and manufacturing are all abroad. Brand, in addition to grasping the technical nature of the low -temperature plasma for low -temperature plasma, it also develops the technical nature of the MSC catalytic response to ensure that the plasma can suddenly carry out irreversible cell membrane destruction to harmful substances, virus infections, germs and other molecular structures. Under the effect of the ion field, it can be sucking in the inner cavity of the nuclear reactor, and the vitality oxide generated by the plasma control module is continuously disinfected and sterilized. In the process of organic chemistry, the residual organic compounds in the air are solved through the MSC large -scale aggregation amount of carbon molecular sieve in the eye. At the same time, and other ionic air disinfection machines can also break down the harmful organic compounds such as formaldehyde, benzene, nitric oxide, carbon dioxide gas, smoke and dust, etc., and converted into low -molecular structure, non -toxic and odorless inorganic inorganic. Compounds.

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