The application field of ozone disinfection machine

  1. Public places for enterprises and institutions: Enterprise sewage treatment, community property company (cooperation), theaters, hotels, restaurants, entertainment halls, hair salons, beauty salons, public baths, nursing hospitals, hospitals, sterilization rooms, stations waiting halls, size, size, size Entertainment rooms, warehouses and hotels, hotel rooms, museums and other units, on -site disinfection services.
  2. Breeding and planting industry: Ozone disinfection machines disinfected with cages, appliances, indoor air, and water.
  3. Food processing and fresh -keeping transportation industry: The sterilization rate of grain, poultry eggs, Chinese herbal medicines, meat products, fruits, vegetables, and drinking water is as high as 99%, which fully meets food safety standards! Food, meat, fresh fruits, Fresh preservation of aquatic products and dry fresh soil products. Put the food, vegetables, and fruits to be processed in a plastic bag to pass the gas, and then tighten the seal. Note: ZUI is good to be closed in plastic bags and does not leak air. Maintain mold killing effects for a long time, thereby extending fruit and meat and eggs.
  4. Factory production and processing health requirements industry: production workshop, packaging workshop, room, workwear, etc.
  5. Water treatment industry:

(1) Drinking water treatment: Micro -nano -ozone is used for drinking water treatment. In addition to the effect of sterilization, there is no secondary pollution, and it also has decoration and deodorization. The report pointed out that micro -nano -ozone can eliminate all substances that are harmful to the human body in the water.

(2) Swimming pool water treatment: At present, the main use of chlorine, bleaching powder, copper sulfate and other anti -killing methods. While the quality of the water quality is reached, it also causes secondary pollution, causing the water quality to be eye -catching, stimulating the skin and other evil results, especially in the use of liquid chlorine use. The potential threat is very large. Once leak, it will cause large -scale poisoning pollution, and it will make people carelessly in use. In the case of water quality standards, micro -nano ozone technology has no above defects at all. Micro -nano oxygen can also eliminate bacteria to beauty. More economical is to reduce or cancel drug consumption in use. Essence

(3) Frequent water treatment: Because of organic matter that is rich in organic matter, the water quality is easy to cause problems. In addition to the infection and dissemination of fish and shrimp, it can also deduct organic matter, reduce chemical oxygen demand (COD) and biochemical oxygen demand (BOD). Because of its aid effect, it is a good measure to improve water quality.

(4) Industrial wastewater treatment: Ozone disinfection machines are widely used in industrial wastewater treatment, and common ones are phenol, cyanocyte -containing, and printing and dyeing wastewater treatment. Ozone can quickly decompose the cyanocytes in cyanoretal salts. The response is two steps. First, the toxic CN-oxidated to CNO-, and then further oxidize to CO2 and N2, which can greatly reduce the toxicity of the toxic wastewater. Micro -nano ozone is treated with phenol -containing wastewater. The degradation speed of the phenol is related to the time of ozone. The higher the pH value in the response, the faster the reaction, and the smaller the micro -nano ozone consumption. Ozone disinfection machine has the ability to decolorize all dye wastewater except decentralized dyes. He can destroy the hair color or color aid gene in the dye and achieve the effect of decolorizing.

  1. Divide the structure of oxygen disinfection machine

There are two types of gap (DBD) and open type. The structure of the gap discharge is characterized by the gap between the interval between the internal and external electrodes of the electrode, and the ozone can be concentrated and output at a higher concentration, such as for water treatment. The electrode of an open generator is exposed to the air, and the ozone produced directly spreads into the air. Due to the low ozone concentration, air disinfection is usually used only for air or surface disinfection of small items. You can use the gap discharge generator instead of an open generator. However, the cost of gap disinfection is much higher than the open type.

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