Plasma air disinfection machine installation and application of multi -intermediary filters can be very reasonable and effective to remove the decomposition of toxic and harmful gases and odors. At the same time, install non -active oxygen high toughness UV light sterilization (which can be opened), and then reasonably and effectively solve the large amount of dust particles due to long -term application (not immediately cleaned the honeycomb dust collector area area ) And the actual effect of sterilization and disinfection is reduced.

The advantages of plasma air disinfection machine:

  1. You can live in indoor disinfection and purification of people and machines, and belong to continuous indoor disinfection and purification equipment.
  2. Placing the wind throughout the perspective, effective natural ventilation, purifying and treating disinfection and sterilization without dead angles.
  3. Effective air inlet wind and effective exhaust spacing, purify and treat disinfection and sterilization, and have no dead ends.
  4. Effective sterilization factors resisting strength, injection molding case and internal structure metal inner inner tenderness, equipment can be trusted.
  5. The composite filtering device uses fiber materials to adhere to high -quality activated carbon powder to the chemical fiber filter cotton. It is basically specially made. It is reasonable and effectively removed.
  6. The filter capacity of the filter device is large, the initial friction resistance is small, and the time of friction is long; the natural ventilation section of the filtering device is large, and the cleaning and disassembly time of the filter device is long.
  7. The wind speed of the centrifugal fan is more than 10 times the volume of the room, and the air pressure and air pressure are effective, but at the same time, it has both a centrifugal fan and a manifestation.
  8. It has the automatic operation of intelligent systems. A variety of operating modes are available. The service life is long -term alarm, common fault alarm and other functions.

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