1. It can disinfect the air and purify the air when the human -machine coexist, which is a continuous air disinfection and purification product.
  2. Full -angle ventilation, reasonable airflow distribution, fast purification and disinfection, without dead ends.
  3. Reasonable export wind speed and reasonable air supply distance, quickly purify and disinfection without dead corners.
  4. Reasonable sterilization factor strength, injection shell and metal lining make the machine safe and reliable.
  5. The composite filter element adopts polymer material to adhere to high -quality activated carbon powder to refine it on the fiber filter cotton, which can effectively remove harmful and toxic substances such as benzene and formaldehyde in the air.
  6. The filter has a large amount of dust accumulation, small initial resistance, and long time to achieve resistance; the filter has a large cross -sectional area, and the filter is cleaned for a long time.
  7. The air volume of the air purification disinfection machine is more than ten times the volume of the disinfection, and the air pressure is reasonable, but at the same time, the noise of the fan is considered to achieve reasonable comprehensive optimization performance.
  8. It has functions such as intelligent automatic operations, multiple operation modes available, life alarm, fault alarm and other functions.

The manufacturer of air disinfection machine says how to use the air disinfection machine as follows:

  1. Open the power, the red indicator lights enter the standby state;
  2. Set the current time, determine the stop and change of time data, and confirm the effectiveness of the data;
  3. Select the working mode of disinfection agent, ozone disinfection or ultraviolet disinfection, the corresponding indicator lights will light up;
  4. Then press the switch button, the red indicator turns green, and then the wind door will automatically open the engineering office.

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