Plasma disinfectant, a global professional -level plasma disinfectioner, uses a super -energy ion generator, instantly stirred up a meter positive and negative ion, which can effectively remove sterilization. The actual effect of plasma sterilization and disinfection is very effective. It is far from high -intensity ultraviolet rays. Plasma is the fourth form under the solid, liquid, and gaseous. The SPIC ultra -ion cloud releases a mega billion -mesh positive electrons, using positive and negative ions to form a large number of forces, and then destroy the germ membrane and eliminate the nucleus.
The advantages of plasma disinfectioner Effective sterilization: The actual effect of plasma sterilization and disinfection is very effective, and the functional time is short. Environmental performance: Plasma sterilization and disinfection continues to run, nor can it cause ultraviolet rays and ozone, preventing again in the environment. Effective degradation: In the process of disinfection of air disinfection, the toxic and harmful gases in the air can also be degraded. The inspection report of the my country Disease Prevention and Control Center shows that it can effectively remove pollutants such as smoke and smoke. Low energy consumption: The power of the plasma disinfectant is 1/3 of the ultraviolet disinfection machine, which is very electricity. Durable: Under the normal start of the plasma disinfectant, the design and use life is decades, while the ultraviolet disinfection machine is only a few years. Basic principles of plasma disinfectioners: Plasma disinfectant can form positive ions and negative ions at the same time, and the moment of positive negative charge neutralization in the air form huge energy release, which in turn leads to changes in the structure of the surrounding germs or the conversion of energy. Then As a result of the death of the germs and achieved the role of its sterilization.

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