No matter what version of the air disinfection machine has the same effect, it is to disinfect and purify first. The air disinfection machine uses a fully enclosed ultraviolet light in addition to mold and sterilization technology. Various pollutants are decomposed into harmless substances through ultraviolet rays. Not only are toxic gases, the removal rate for influenza virus is as high as 99%+.

After the first layer of disinfection, the air disinfection machine is air purification. Relying on the disinfection and sterilization filter technology of the air disinfection machine, it can help the germs in the air enter the killing stage in advance. After this stage, the germs of the germs can be The survival rate will be greatly reduced, and its survival rate will be less than 1%.

Finally, the air sterilization technology of the air disinfection machine has been relying on the HEPA filter at the H13 level. Any pollutants in the air are attached, and even droplets or air -solicit will be sticky. The air will be filled in the entire space. So look at the “colorless and tasteless” air with it.

  1. Plasma air disinfection machine

The air disinfection machine makes air -soluble substances such as dust, smoke, pollen, droplets and suspended microorganisms easily converged, and can eliminate the odor produced by organic substances in the air. Therefore, it has clean air and improves environmental quality Effect.

2, sterilization air disinfection machine

The air disinfection machine can be combined with bacteria and microbial viruses attached to the dust on the air to reduce. Test discussions have proved that air -negative ions have a strong inhibitory effect on air microorganisms, causing the virus to lose the ability to invade the cells, and then have the effect of killing bacteria purification of the air;

  1. Eliminate static electricity: Static electricity is generally formed by ions with positive electrical charge. The negative ions in the air will be combined with positive ions to eliminate static electricity.
  2. Biological effects

The air disinfection machine has many biological effects on the body. After use, the air becomes fresh, which can reduce the various pollution of the air and bring you a comfortable environment.

In addition, the air disinfection machine can also remove the strange smell of tobacco, oil fume, animal, tail gas, etc. in the air, ensure the freshness of the indoor air, and make the human gods refreshing in the middle. A negative ions occur and humidify the system. These systems of air purifiers can make the environment more comfortable and healthy.

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