TL-V100 integrated intelligent remote control function, real-time monitoring of the humidity and temperature in the sterilization space, the environment requirements for sterilization space is low;

Compact design, split control, suitable for a variety of complex environment sterilization, easy to carry;

It has two modes: built-in scattering and pipeline conveying; Low temperature sterilization process, room temperature can be;

Fast start, can realize rapid disinfection and sterilization;

Adding hydrogen peroxide liquid is convenient and safe;

Short sterilization time, low operation cost;

The material compatibility of hydrogen peroxide gas is good, and it has good compatibility with plastic, rubber and electronic products.

Broad-spectrum bactericidal activity against thermophilic fat buds was 106.

Siemens control system, with data export sterilization process record, intelligent networking and other extensible functions;

Network connection or wired connection is optional.

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