Technical parameters of dry mist hydrogen peroxide sterilizer:
1-control 10-split sterilization system: Eight independent sterilization terminals are designed, which can meet the needs of different environments and move freely, and have a wide range of application space; each sterilization terminal is independently controlled and automatically operated by the central control system, and at the same time independently Regional work; to a large extent, it meets the space sterilization needs of large areas, multiple compartments and complex areas.

Compact, lightweight, easy to move, suitable for a large area of ​​2500 cubic meters

The spray volume of the sterilization terminal can be independently controlled according to the size of different rooms

Spray particle size: average 5μm

Nebulizer: Provide proof of nebulizer particle size

Number of atomizers: It can be used with 10 atomizer sterilization terminals at the same time, and the height of the atomizer terminal is adjustable from 2m

Spray volume: 2.4L/h (per atomizer terminal)

Control system: Siemens PLC control system

With its own printing function, it can print the start and end time of sterilization, the sterilization volume, the initial temperature and humidity of the sterilization area, the amount of disinfectant spray, and the compressed air pressure.

Material: Full 304 stainless steel shell, corrosion resistant

Sterilization time: The killing rate of log6 spore strips (500m³) is reached within 6 hours, and the sporicide residue removal work is completed, and the residual concentration of hydrogen peroxide after the residue removal is less than 1ppm

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