FasFreDe Disinfection Technology

With the principle of Fast , Free residue ,Decontamination  , FasFreDe keeps on investing on the optimization of fogging , dry mist and evaporation system  , plasma air disinfection , UVC convex  technology and FasFreDe disinfection cloud . Untill june 2022 we have already got more than 20 patents on these four specific disinfection technologies . 

Disinfectant can atomized with this unique and proprietary system, using a mix of pressure, air speed, temperature and expanding surface , which allow a capacity to vaporize at the nanometric level and distribute it with the air flow of 60-80 m/s evenly over the entire surface and air to deal. The atomization level allows to create gasified disinfectant particles at molecules (0.4 nm) that do not release droplets and do not damage the equipment and surrounding material.  By regulating the disinfectant flow , with the same system we can realize fogging , dry mist and evaporation .

We use High-speed Pulsed Surface Discharge to act on the oxygen and water vapor in the air to form a high density “plasma tunnel” trillions ions , when the air pass in this tunnel with microorganisms  VOC, TVOC and odor , a large number of basic chemical bonds are destroyed. The remaining damaged microorganisms and other substances enter the UVA treating unit , during this contact time less than 1 second , all the microorganisms are inactivated then discharged with the air , the remaining reactive oxygen species as ozone , OH. and HO2 will filtered by a special filter , so there will be no impact on the indoor environment and people inside

FasFreDe disinfection cloud is the mind of our disinfection solution available to be used on App of smartphone , Software and websites of PC.
It’s composed by AI and iOT , Ai guarantees the multi devices automatic working process ,  devices setting and real-time validation using our disinfection experience ,  iOT permits that FasFreDe devices can be associated easily to the customer’s account created on FFD system by scanning Q-code or Inputting ID and SN .
Master account can share devices to other users for third party operation or renting. 

For optimation UVC LED ‘s electro-optical efficiency and making full use of UVC-LED’s benefits ,we have developped  this convex spot light system .  LED light source are focused a smaller directional strong light area , (the irradiation direction of the mercury lamp 360°, so a large part of the light energy is wasted, and the LED light source is a one direction light source )  . Making full use of the UVC LED’s advantages for Sterilization, we can largely compensating for its electro-optical conversion .

UVC-LED disinfection