The ultraviolet rays of the ultraviolet disinfection machine are a type of light waves that people are unable to see. They are on both sides of the spectrometer’s purple rays, so they are called ultraviolet rays. UV lines are derived from the radio radio waves of solar radiation. Usually divide the ultraviolet rays into four types as shown in the following:

When ultraviolet rays are irradiated into microbial bacteria, it causes the transmission and accumulation of energy conversion, and causes the elimination of microbial bacteria after accumulation, thereby achieving the purpose of disinfection and sterilization. When germs and virus infections digest and absorb more than 3,600 ~ 65000UW/C㎡, they have strong lethality to germ and virus infection Lack of survivability and reproduction rate to eliminate bacteria and virus infections, and achieve the results of disinfection and sterilization. Ultraviolet rays can not only make nucleic acid genetic mutations, block their copy, transcription closure and protein content; on the other hand, cause free radicals can cause optical separation and cause human cells to die.

UV disinfection machine sterilization mechanism is to use UV sterilization lamp irregularity to resist compressive strength, that is, the radiation degree of the radiation of ultraviolet sterilization lamps, which is opposite to the disinfection sterilization. When the stress strength of the radiation degree is very large, the longer the disinfection and sterilization stay, the closer to the sterilization lamp tube, the better the actual effect of the bactericidal sterilization, and the worse.

When the household ultraviolet disinfection machine is used for indoor disinfection, the countdown is not less than 30-60 minutes when the disinfection time is turned on. Each disinfection time should not be less than 30-60 minutes. During the ultraviolet disinfection links, staff can work daily life in the room, which is convenient and fast.

UV disinfection machine is a very good disinfection machine. It can provide yourself with a more secure natural environment through the assistance of ultraviolet air disinfection machines and improve the harmful gas in the air.

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