1. During use, pay attention to the closedness of space. Close doors and windows when disinfection to ensure that the room has good sealing performance. In addition, the flow of personnel should be reduced to ensure the disinfection effect.
  2. The choice of disinfection time should be the following two points:

Dynamic disinfection: The purpose is to control and reduce the secondary pollution of the surrounding air during the activity.

Preventive disinfection: Disinfection once or twice a day, 2h each time, usually arranged before work in the morning, after get off work in the afternoon.

  1. During the disinfection of the medical air disinfection machine, there should be no obstacles in the air inlets and air outlets, and the good cycle of air should be protected as much as possible.
  2. Different types of equipment have different disinfection areas. Therefore, pay attention during the selection process, otherwise it will affect the disinfection effect.

When used, the filter should be replaced regularly. If consumers cannot be replaced in time during use, not only will it not achieve the effect of disinfection and purification, but it may also cause secondary pollution. The filter element replacement cycle of each brand can regularly check the cleanliness of the filter element. If the white filter becomes black, it must be replaced. In addition, you can also judge according to the wind speed of the air outlet.

The maintenance of medical air disinfection machines from cleaning, dust can cause mechanical blockage and parts to rot. Therefore, in the daily use process, we must be diligent in cleaning. Wipe the dust with a rag when disinfected, which is conducive to the rapid operation of the machine and avoiding the aging of the machine. If necessary, make a dust cover and cover it when not needed.

Medical air disinfection machine manufacturer: The following is the cleaning and maintenance method of air disinfection machine

  1. Keep clean. Wipe the outer surface with a wet cloth every day. When cleaning, cut off the power, pull out the power head, and avoid direct contact or rinse with water.
  2. During operation, it is strictly forbidden to place objects or hands near the ventilation entrance; when transferring, loading and unloading goods, it should prevent the goods from being impacted or dropped on the ground by hard objects.
  3. When an abnormal operation (failure or alarm) in the medical air disinfection machine, the power switch should be turned off immediately, the power plug is unplugged, and the equipment repair workers should be checked.
  4. Check the filter once a month, unveil the intake panel, remove the filter, clean it with water or neutral detergent water, and use a brush to wash. The water temperature should not exceed 40, avoid deformation. Replace the filter and wash it in a cool vent. Cleaning and replacing filters should be recorded.
  5. The cumulative application time must not exceed 4000 hours. If the cumulative use time is reached, the ultraviolet light should be replaced and recorded.
  6. There should be no hidden objects above the equipment, nor should it be used in the cabinet and other environments; when multiple environments take turns disinfection, they should be pushed lightly to reduce vibration

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