Medical bed unit ozone disinfectant is a kind of clothing sheet disinfection and sterilization equipment commonly used in hospitals. It can well disinfect the sheets and other objects, so it is widely used by modern hospitals. In fact, in addition to being used in hospitals, some laundry rooms or hotels, guest houses, hotels and other places need this disinfection machine, because these places are public places, and they are also directly exposed to the human body, so it is necessary to make it necessary Disinfection; disinfection does not mean to wash out the clothes before disinfection. In fact, it can be disinfected with clothing, sheets and other objects every day, and the effect is very good.

  1. Whether to meet market demand, now it seems that the ozone disinfectioner of the medical bed unit meets the market demand, because the hospital needs this disinfection equipment and the demand is very large. In fact, this disinfection machine is widely used abroad. In the country, there are relatively few applications, so the domestic market has just started, and future demand will increase;

Second, this product has a good disinfection effect and is popular. In fact, what is the effect? If there is no effect, no one can buy it. The price is still very cheap. Most people can accept it, and the life limit is long, not a disposable product.

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