1, to ensure the pH of the hydrogenation reaction and the oxidation reaction of the working fluid

In the process of production and development of anthraquinone hydrogen peroxide, the hydrogenation reaction of the working liquid can be carried out under alkaline environmental conditions, while the oxidation technology reaction capability of the hydrogenation liquid and the extraction using hydrogen peroxide must be carried out under the conditions of acidic substances. If the oxidizing liquid is alkaline, the hydrogen peroxide will decompose and cause a safety accident. Therefore, it is important to set up analysis points in the hydrogenation process, oxidation treatment process, extraction process, etc., and monitor the pH of the working solution at any time.

Hydrogen peroxide

  1. Improve the alkali treatment process

When the alkali treatment process is abnormal, the gas will take out part of the alkali liquid in the tower. If not well separated in the separator, the alkalinity in the working fluid can be hundreds of times more than what is normally indicated. The alkali tower of a factory was not running normally. The alkalinity of the alumina regenerator working solution was as high as 3.9g/ml. The alkali in the working solution was hydrogenated and oxidized into an extraction tower. After the alkali, the hydrogen peroxide in the tower was violently decomposed, and the tower head exploded and caused a fire.

  1. Strictly control the oxygen content in the oxidation tail gas

The amount of combustible gas contained in the oxidizing exhaust gas, when the oxygen concentration in the mixed exhaust gas produced in the production process of hydrogen peroxide exceeds 15%, it is easy to form an explosive gas mixture and decompose. Therefore, strictly controlling the amount of combustible gas and oxygen in the exhaust gas is a problem that we seriously consider. Dilute nitrogen oxides commonly used in production exhaust gas to control the oxygen content below 10% to ensure safety.

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