I believe that many friends are very interested in knowing the reaction equation of industrial hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide, because this topic is very popular recently. Now that everyone wants to know the reaction equation of industrial hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide, Bian Xiao collected some information about the reaction equation of industrial hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide on the Internet, let us share it with you.

They will react, as long as an appropriate amount of industrial hydrogen peroxide is added to sodium hydroxide, precipitation will occur. The chemical reaction equation is: 2NaOH H2O2==Na2O2 H2O, Na2O2 H2O==Na2O2 8H2O. When the precipitate no longer precipitated, it was filtered and washed with absolute ethanol.

Industrial hydrogen peroxide is another hydroxide besides water. It has a slightly higher viscosity than water and is chemically unstable. Pure industrial hydrogen peroxide is a light blue viscous liquid that can be mixed with water in any proportion and is a strong oxidant. It is usually stored as a 30-point or 60-point aqueous solution, commonly referred to as industrial hydrogen peroxide. This product is a colorless and transparent liquid, suitable for medical wound disinfection, environmental disinfection and food disinfection. However, industrial hydrogen peroxide is also declared a carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

chemical properties

chemical properties

  1. Oxidative

(The lead white [basic lead carbonate] in the oil painting will react with hydrogen sulfide in the air to form black lead sulfide, so it can be washed with industrial hydrogen peroxide)

Principle: lead sulfide, lead oxide, basic lead carbonate

(Alkaline medium required)

  1. Reductive reacts with strong oxidants such as chlorine and potassium permanganate, and is oxidized to generate oxygen.
  2. Add 5 ml of dilute sulfuric acid solution (TS-241) and 1 ml of potassium permanganate solution (TS-193) to 10 ml of 10-point sample solution. Bubbles will appear and the purple color of potassium permanganate will disappear. Acid to litmus organics explode.

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