Now people’s requirements for the quality of the air environment are getting higher and higher. It is not difficult to find that air disinfection machines are used in many occasions. For example, such as plasma air disinfection machines, it not only has the dual effects of air purification+sterilization disinfection, but also safer and more environmentally friendly. Plasma air disinfection machines use (SPIC) ultra -energy ion generator to release a meter positive electrons, which generates a lot of energy through positive and negative ions, thereby destroying bacterial envelope and killing the nucleus. It can be efficiently sterilized. The effect of plasma sterilization and disinfection is extremely strong, and the effect of the effect is short. What is the principle of an ion air disinfection machine?
Plasma air disinfection machine, also known as the “oxygen making machine” of nature, uses specific voltages to convert the electronics of the particle atoms in the air into a charged ion. Then in the formation of air formation of millions of positive ions and negative ions, these ions have been accurately calculated and measured, which can effectively simulate the air environment in the natural mountainous area. In addition to making people feel fresher indoor air, the air can be effectively removed. Middle odor, dust, bacteria, so as to achieve the purification of air. Plasma air disinfection machines can effectively filter air pollutants such as formaldehyde, solid particles, and other air pollutants to play a good cleaning effect. In addition, they can also efficiently remove harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses.

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