The plasma generator in the plasma air disinfection machine is a special high -voltage positive ion generator. The occurrence of positive ions is continuously generated by a sawtooth -like positive electrode. Positive ions are extremely surrounded, so that they can quickly get saturated electricity. Bacteria and inhaled particles (including haze PM2.5) of flat -sized positive electrodes (including haze PM2.5) are surrounded by positive ions, so that they can quickly get saturated electricity.

Tablet -shaped positive electrodes have a high electrostatic field strength (8 kV high voltage). The charged particles and bacteria will quickly adsorb to the positive plate, and the positive plate device is full of positive ions. Bacteria will quickly electrolytic under the infiltration of positive ions. Bacterial electrolyte is destroyed, and the cell membrane is destroyed, resulting in death. At the same time, the plasma generator can also generate high concentration negative ions through 15,000 volt high -voltage electric fields. When positive and negative ions exist at the same time, positive ions and negative ions are charged neutralized, which can effectively kill various bacteria in the air in the process of neutralization. At the same time, we also need negative ions, so during the design process, the intention to design negative ions was 2 times the concentration of positive ions, and the remaining half of the ion was left after neutralization.

Negative ions are captured by oxygen in the air into negative oxygen ions. Negative oxygen ions mainly have sterilization, smoke, dust removal, dust removal, and formaldehyde removal, thereby improving air quality. Because negative oxygen ions can gather all kinds of particles, dust, and charge, and can break down harmful gas, kill bacteria and viruses, eliminate the smell of smoke, thereby achieving the purpose of changing the air structure and purifying and disinfection indoor air.

The above content is the introduction of the principle of the ion air disinfection machine. In addition, in addition to bacterial anti -virus, the plasma air disinfection machine is also a good device to remove formaldehyde. For example, there may be a large number of paint, solvents, and various volatile organic compounds in the rooms of the new decoration hospital. When ions collide with these organic compounds to break these keys, the free group of atomic nuclear molecules that stimulates the state, which can activate or directly degrade the degradation. The role, jointly promote the promotion of TVOC degradation, generate carbon dioxide and water molecules, thereby effectively removing formaldehyde.

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