Medical air disinfection machines can remove pollutants in the air, regulate the ion balance in the air, have a good ability to remove suspended matter, smoke and harmful gases. , Laboratory, etc., can play a role in disinfection of air. And medical air disinfection machines are also divided into many, such as ultraviolet rays, ozone, dynamic, plasma, photocatalytic, etc. So what are the principles of medical air disinfection machines? Let’s introduce it to you.

Principle of medical air disinfection machine:

  1. Plasma air disinfection machine:

Plasma air disinfection machine uses (SPIC) ultra -energy ion generator to release a meter positive and negative electrons, which generates a lot of energy through positive and negative ions, thereby destroying bacterial envelope, killing the nucleus, and playing a role in sterilizing disinfection.

Medical air disinfection machine

  1. UV air disinfection machine:

UV circulating wind air disinfection machine consists of high -strength ultraviolet lights and filtering systems, which can effectively filter the dust in the air and kill microorganisms in the air in the disinfection machine.

  1. Ozone and air disinfection machine:

Ozone is a strong oxidant. After dissolving in water, a large amount of inferior free radicals and new ecological oxygen oxidation water generated in the reaction directly or use the reaction in the reaction. The purpose of sterilization and disinfection and purification of water.

  1. Optical air disinfection machine:

The light -catalytic air disinfection machine disinfected the air through the principles of filtering and purification, using nano -titanium dioxide as a catalyst, and activated through ultraviolet light to generate ionic and electronic cavities, generate strong optical oxidation and reduction function, and oxidize and decompose Organic compounds and some inorganic objects, destroying the cell membrane of bacteria and viruses and the protein of curing virus, destroying their RNA and DNA, killing them and decomposing them into carbon dioxide and water.

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