Decontamination industry information

What can plasma air purification disinfectant achieve

Using plasma innovation technology to achieve active disinfecting, 3IN1 function: hunting bacteria virus, removing PM2.5, and decomposing TVOC. And the elimination efficiency is extremely high: One -time microbial elimination rate: 99.6%(2m/s), one -time particle removal rate: 97.9%(2m/s), H1NI elimination rate: 99.99%, coronary virus elimination rate: 99.99% No consumables are generated during the period, and the cost of maintenance in the later period is low. Only granular pollutants gathered on the reactor each year. Green energy saving, low attenuation, useful life is 10 years, breaking through the bottleneck of service life. At the same time, the life of the fresh air unit can be extended.

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Precautions for UV air disinfection cabinets

1) The surface of the ultraviolet light should be kept clean, and 75 % to 80 % (volume ratio) ethanol cotton balls should be wiped once a week. When the surface of the lamp is found to have dust and oil, you should wipe it in time. 2) When the ultraviolet light is disinfected indoors, the room should be kept clean and dry to reduce dust and water mist. When the temperature is <20 ° C or> 40 ° C, or when the relative humidity is> 60 %, the irradiation time should be extended appropriately.

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UV disinfection machine

To achieve the inactivation effect of bacteria in the air, the closer the ultraviolet lamp tube is to the disinfected object, the faster and more bacteria are killed. Within the range of ultraviolet radiation, the bacterial mortality rate can be guaranteed to be 100%, with no bacteria escaping. Its sterilization principle is to irradiate microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses with ultraviolet light to destroy the structure of their DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) in the body, causing them to immediately die or lose their reproductive ability. Quartz ultraviolet lamps have advantages, so how to identify authenticity. The bactericidal ability of ultraviolet rays in different bands varies. Only shortwave ultraviolet rays (200-300nm) can have the bactericidal ability against bacteria, with the strongest bactericidal ability in the range of 250-270nm. The cost and performance of ultraviolet lamps manufactured from different materials also vary. The really high intensity and long-life UV lamp must be made of quartz glass, which is also called quartz Germicidal lamp. It can be divided into two types: high ozone type and low ozone type. High ozone type is generally used in the disinfection cabinet, which is also a significant feature of quartz UV lamp compared with other UV lamps.

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