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FasFreDe Fast and Free Residue , Decontamination  Contact us One Stop Decontamination Solution Full automatic atomization decontamination systems Air purification systems , Air duct disinfection systems  Water disinfection systems New product line UVC LED As a most important part of our disinfection ecosystem ,  for water disinfection and rapid small object disinfection,  we have chosen UV-C-LED as our main technology . Why use UV-C-LED for water and rapid disinfection ?  Safety : Safe to transport and safe to use , in the UV-C light source there is no fragile glass tube that is easy break in the transportation , there is no mercury in the UV-C LED source , so there is no heavy metal leakage risk during the usage and transport Instant ON/OFF : During the usage , instant ON/OFF can save a lot off energies and create minium heat that will damage the object surface and change water’s temperature  Wavelength :UV-C contains wavelength from 100 to 400 nm , UV-C at 254 nm is considered the most effective disinfection wavelength ,  UV-C led light source can fix the wavelength at 254 ±3nm which makes the disinfection efficiency much higher Super compact : Thanks to LED chips charateristic , we

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hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine

Hongkong Central goverment-aided emergency hospital disinfection solution

Hongkong Central goverment-aided emergency hospital disinfection solution 17 May 2022 , We FasFreDe as the disinfection solution provider , the last 20  Smart 1000 were delivered to the central goverment-aided emergency hospital at Hongkong . Smart 1000 is our flagship product in hydrogen peroxide 6-log disinfection series ,  that is super easy for users with high decontamination efficiency agains covid-19 , it is selected as the disinfection unit for central goverment-aided emergency hospital because that Smart 1000 is the only machine in the market that permitts cluster control .In the mobile cabin hospital , cluster control disinfection system is very important . Cluster control disinfection system:  Multi devices can be operated by one control pannel , so that all the disinfection missions can be standardized in the complicated situation  ,beyond that for the super big cabin , the hospital can control multi devices with only one click . Why Smart 1000 is the best choice for mobile cabin hospital disinfection ?  Broad-spectrum pathogen disinfection   : Smart 1000 use hydrogen peroxide as disinfectant and spray out the ionized hydrogen peroxide , the ionized hydrogen peroxide can kill the most hard-to-kill pathogen Prion . Mobile cabin are always constructed for the pandemic

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Decontamination industrial news

GMP air sterilization and disinfection

In the process of drug production, it is often necessary to control the most important aspect of air sterilization in GMP workshops. Traditional methods such as ultraviolet disinfection, ozone disinfection, formaldehyde fumigation, and Novofel fumigation are used. Most pharmaceutical companies have problems such as incomplete disinfection or secondary pollution, So if used in low demand situations such as transfer windows, ozone or ultraviolet disinfection can achieve the desired effect. The “Disinfection Technical Specifications” provide detailed information that for surfaces and spaces immersed in ozone gas, contact for a period of time can kill surface bacteria and bacteria in the air. However, spores cannot be completely killed. Application of Ultraviolet in GMP Ultraviolet radiation kills bacteria through the action of light waves, which propagate in a straight line. Its intensity is inversely proportional to the square of the distance, and only when it reaches the location and meets the irradiation standard can it have a bactericidal effect. And the bactericidal ability of all ultraviolet rays decreases with increasing usage time. The main problem with ultraviolet sterilization is that it has low penetration ability and poor disinfection effect in areas where ultraviolet radiation cannot reach; Its antivirus ability decreases with the increase

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Application of sterilization technology

Modern public places – such as hotels, guesthouses, karaoke, nightclubs, clubs, bars, internet cafes, game rooms, and other entertainment venues, Public places such as stations and shopping malls, as well as office buildings, are heavily decorated with toxic and harmful volatile substances such as benzene and formaldehyde Decorative materials; The use of air conditioning also causes doors and windows to be tightly closed, resulting in a large number of people and noise, making it difficult for indoor air to circulate, and increasing the number of various bacteria and microorganisms Sharp rise. Indoor air pollution seriously endangers people’s physical health. The air sterilization and disinfection purification machine has functions such as purifying air, disinfecting, disinfecting, removing mold, smoke, odor, and other odors, and is aware of various pathogenic bacteria, viruses, and microorganisms Significant inhibitory effects can effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases and create fresh and pleasant indoor air. There is a manual automatic time controller available for selection.

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The Application of Norfolk Fungicide Fumigation in GMP

High diffusivity: Novofel can be converted into gas, with good diffusivity, no dead corners, and uniform concentration distribution. Strong bactericidal ability: The bactericidal ability of Novofux is higher than that of ozone and peracetic acid, and even higher than other disinfectants. Broad spectrum: Suitable for various pathogenic microorganisms, it has good killing effects on various microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus aureus, hepatitis A and B bacteria, fungi, etc. Easy to use: The Novo Fungicide is directly sprayed with specialized equipment, making it very simple and convenient to use. Environmental friendliness: Novofel can quickly decompose into oxygen and water, so there is no problem of secondary pollution. It is widely recognized as a green disinfectant.

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Air sterilization and disinfection

Air sterilization and disinfection refers to the disinfection treatment of microorganisms and bacteria in the air. Disinfectants have the ability to kill bacteria, disinfect and purify air, with an instant sterilization rate of 99.999%, effectively eliminating and preventing various diseases, while maintaining a constant natural fragrance in the air; It can effectively maintain sterilization and disinfection effects for a long time, with high application elasticity and almost unaffected by temperature, light, and even enhanced disinfection ability at high temperatures; Pure ecology, safety, environmental protection, the decomposed products are water and oxygen, harmless to humans and animals, without residue or corrosiveness; Two basic components, hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and colloidal silver ions, collaborate to improve the bactericidal effect more quickly and centrally; It can be used for air sterilization in GMP workshops and can replace ozone and formaldehyde fumigation. a. Colorless, odorless, completely environmentally friendly, with only water and oxygen remaining, it is the world’s first truly residue free air sterilization disinfectant b. Super sterilization ability. Through more than 200 EU sterilization tests, it can kill more than 200 harmful microorganisms, including influenza virus, poliovirus, HIV-1 virus and hepatitis B virus, c. Long lasting effect, once used, the effect can last for

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Usage method of dynamic plasma air disinfection machine

The installation position of the dynamic plasma air disinfection machine should be selected in a well ventilated area and not obstructed by obstacles to ensure smooth air circulation and achieve the best disinfection effect of the dynamic plasma air disinfection machine. The usage time should be adjusted according to the actual situation, and it is usually recommended to disinfect during production intervals or rest periods to ensure that personnel are not affected. The dynamic plasma air disinfection machine requires regular maintenance during use, including cleaning the body, replacing the filter screen, and other operations to ensure its disinfection effect and long-term stable operation

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Application scenarios of dynamic plasma air disinfection machine

The dynamic plasma air disinfection machine is suitable for air disinfection in food processing workshops. Food processing workshops usually have a high concentration of microorganisms, and the use of dynamic plasma air disinfection machines can effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in the air, improving the quality of food hygiene. The food stored in the food warehouse may be contaminated by the environment. The use of dynamic plasma air disinfection machines can effectively kill microorganisms in the warehouse, ensuring the hygiene quality of the food. Beverage production factories need to ensure the hygiene quality during the production process. The use of dynamic plasma air disinfection machines can efficiently kill microorganisms in the air and ensure the hygiene quality of beverages. Dairy production factories need to strictly control the hygiene of the production environment. The use of dynamic plasma air disinfection machines can efficiently kill microorganisms in the air and ensure the hygiene quality of dairy products. Restaurants and restaurants are one of the important places for food hygiene. The use of dynamic plasma air disinfection machines can effectively kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in the air of restaurants and restaurants,

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