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FasFreDe Fast and Free Residue , Decontamination  Contact us One Stop Decontamination Solution Full automatic atomization decontamination systems Air purification systems , Air duct disinfection systems  Water disinfection systems New product line UVC LED As a most important part of our disinfection ecosystem ,  for water disinfection and rapid small object disinfection,  we have chosen UV-C-LED as our main technology . Why use UV-C-LED for water and rapid disinfection ?  Safety : Safe to transport and safe to use , in the UV-C light source there is no fragile glass tube that is easy break in the transportation , there is no mercury in the UV-C LED source , so there is no heavy metal leakage risk during the usage and transport Instant ON/OFF : During the usage , instant ON/OFF can save a lot off energies and create minium heat that will damage the object surface and change water’s temperature  Wavelength :UV-C contains wavelength from 100 to 400 nm , UV-C at 254 nm is considered the most effective disinfection wavelength ,  UV-C led light source can fix the wavelength at 254 ±3nm which makes the disinfection efficiency much higher Super compact : Thanks to LED chips charateristic , we

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hydrogen peroxide disinfection machine

Hongkong Central goverment-aided emergency hospital disinfection solution

Hongkong Central goverment-aided emergency hospital disinfection solution 17 May 2022 , We FasFreDe as the disinfection solution provider , the last 20  Smart 1000 were delivered to the central goverment-aided emergency hospital at Hongkong . Smart 1000 is our flagship product in hydrogen peroxide 6-log disinfection series ,  that is super easy for users with high decontamination efficiency agains covid-19 , it is selected as the disinfection unit for central goverment-aided emergency hospital because that Smart 1000 is the only machine in the market that permitts cluster control .In the mobile cabin hospital , cluster control disinfection system is very important . Cluster control disinfection system:  Multi devices can be operated by one control pannel , so that all the disinfection missions can be standardized in the complicated situation  ,beyond that for the super big cabin , the hospital can control multi devices with only one click . Why Smart 1000 is the best choice for mobile cabin hospital disinfection ?  Broad-spectrum pathogen disinfection   : Smart 1000 use hydrogen peroxide as disinfectant and spray out the ionized hydrogen peroxide , the ionized hydrogen peroxide can kill the most hard-to-kill pathogen Prion . Mobile cabin are always constructed for the pandemic

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Precautions for air disinfection machines

1. Select regular channels for buying When buying an air disinfection machine, we must choose to buy regular channels. If the price is too low, it is likely to be fake and shoddy products, which will endanger health. 2. Pay attention to product quality When choosing an air disinfection machine, we must not only look at the price, but also the quality of the product. Choosing a good -quality air disinfection machine can not only play a better role, but also be more durable. 3. Pay attention to cleaning and replacing the filter element During the use of air disinfection machines, you also need to pay attention to the cleaning and replacement of the filter element of the machine. Only their maintenance can ensure the normal use of the product. 4. Choose suitable disinfection timing The air disinfection machine is more secure than chemical disinfection, but it does not mean that it can replace all disinfection methods. In a special period, the right time needs to be used for disinfection. In short, when using an air disinfection machine, you should choose the right product. During the use process, pay attention to cleaning and replacement of the filter element, and choosing

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Dynamic air disinfection machine improves the hygiene quality of prefabricated vegetable factories

Prefabricated vegetable factories are important places for producing and processing vegetables, and their production process needs to ensure hygiene and quality to ensure that the vegetables produced meet food safety standards. However, due to the presence of a large number of microorganisms and bacteria in the production environment of prefabricated vegetable factories, such as Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus, measures must be taken to reduce the number of these bacteria and the risk of contaminating food. At present, commonly used disinfection methods include ultraviolet disinfection, ozone disinfection, and chemical disinfection, but these methods all have certain shortcomings. UV disinfection requires regular replacement of lamp tubes, and the disinfection and sterilization effect of bacteria is greatly affected by environmental factors. Ozone disinfection requires the use of high concentrations of ozone gas, which poses significant safety hazards. Chemical disinfection has the problem of residual chemical drugs, which may pose potential risks to human health. Therefore, it is necessary to find a safer and more effective disinfection method. Dynamic air disinfection technology is a new type of disinfection method, which uses the NICOLER plasma electrostatic field to adsorb particles, bacteria, and other substances in the air onto the collection plate, thus achieving the

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Future Development Trends of the Ozone Generator Market

With the continuous development of technology, ozone generator technology will continue to be upgraded and optimized. At present, the technology of ozone generators mainly includes cold plasma ozone generators, dielectric ozone generators, and microwave ozone generators. In the future, with the continuous progress of technology, the technology of ozone generators will be more efficient, energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and safe. With the improvement of environmental protection awareness and living standards, the market application of ozone generators will continue to expand. In the future, ozone generators will not only be used in areas such as air purification, water treatment, food preservation, medical and health care, and chemical industry, but also in aviation, subway, highway, and other fields to effectively remove odors in cars and purify air. With the pursuit of quality by consumers and the intensification of market competition, the performance of ozone generators will be continuously improved. In the future, ozone generator products will be more intelligent, portable, energy-saving, easy-to-use, and safe, while the appearance and quality of the products will also be greatly improved. With the increasing awareness of global environmental protection, the government will increase its support for the environmental protection industry. In the future, the ozone generator industry

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Market Application of Ozone Generators

Ozone generators are widely used in fields such as air purification, water treatment, food preservation, healthcare, and chemical industry. The ozone generator mainly decomposes and removes pollutants and odors in the air through ozone oxidation. It can effectively remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia from the air, creating a fresh and comfortable environment for people. The ozone generator can quickly decompose and remove pollutants such as organic matter, color, odor, bacteria, etc. in water through ozone oxidation. Therefore, it is widely used in water treatment fields such as drinking water, swimming pool water, and industrial wastewater. The ozone generator can quickly kill bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms in food, while removing odors and harmful substances in food, thereby extending the shelf life and shelf life of food, ensuring its quality and safety. Ozone generators can kill viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms in medical institutions such as hospitals and clinics, effectively preventing hospital infections and cross infections. At the same time, it can remove odors and pollutants from medical institutions, ensuring fresh and hygienic air in medical facilities. Ozone generators are also widely used in the chemical industry, including oxidation reactions, pollutant treatment, and environmental equipment manufacturing. In

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Precautions for ozone generator fumigation sterilization technology

Although ozone generator fumigation sterilization technology has many advantages, the following points should also be noted when using it: The ozone generator fumigation sterilization technology has strong oxidizing properties, and safety precautions should be taken when using it. Operators must strictly follow the operating procedures, wear appropriate protective equipment, and avoid contact with ozone gas. At the same time, the operating area should maintain good ventilation to avoid safety hazards caused by the accumulation of ozone gas. The use of an ozone generator requires adherence to operating procedures and unauthorized changes to operating parameters are not allowed. For novice operators, specialized training should be provided to ensure that they have mastered the correct operating skills. The disinfection time and concentration of the ozone generator need to be adjusted according to specific circumstances. If the disinfection time is too short or the concentration is too low, effective disinfection effect cannot be achieved; If the disinfection time is too long or the concentration is too high, it may cause damage to the material or produce harmful substances. The use of ozone equipment requires regular maintenance and upkeep to ensure its normal operation. If the equipment malfunctions or is damaged, it should be

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Application of ozone generator fumigation sterilization technology in meat product factories

In meat product factories, the production workshops and processing equipment surfaces are the main places for microbial growth, and regular disinfection and sterilization must be carried out. The use of traditional disinfection methods may lead to problems such as incomplete disinfection and secondary pollution. The use of ozone generator fumigation sterilization technology can effectively solve these problems. Spraying ozone generator fumigation and sterilization technology water onto the surface of production workshops and processing equipment can quickly kill microorganisms and prevent their growth and reproduction. In addition, the ozone generator fumigation sterilization technology can maintain the disinfection effect for a long time, avoid the problem of frequent disinfection, and save production costs. Disinfection of tableware is a very important step in restaurants and employee canteens of meat product factories. Traditional disinfection methods include high-temperature steam disinfection, chemical disinfection, etc., but these methods have certain shortcomings. High temperature steam disinfection requires a large amount of energy, while chemical disinfection may have a certain impact on human health. By using ozone generator fumigation sterilization technology, tableware can be quickly disinfected without the use of chemicals, without causing any impact on the environment and human body. In meat product factories, there may be some

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