It is an ideal disinfection product of the health administrative department, medical institutions, kindergartens and other related departments. UV disinfection lamp carts are made of high -quality metal boards, equipped with two quartz ultraviolet sterilization lamps, with the advantages of safe and reliable, operating spirit, beautiful and elegant and durable. The place is used as the surface of the object and indoor air sterilization. Operation method: The power supply that matches the voltage must be used. Plug in the power supply, adjust the timer to the time where the time required (remember: the timer is irreversible) adjust the direction of the light bar, start the switch, and the ultraviolet light will start exercise. Common precautions: UV lamps have certain lethality of organic tissue cells. When the lamp cart is enabled, the relevant personnel should be away from the room immediately (remember) to prevent ultraviolet burns from burning the body. If it is not used for a long time, it should be placed in drying no corrosive gas environment. Usually, disinfection can be achieved for 30 minutes to achieve disinfection standards. What is important for daily disinfection is the campus environment, because the light source of ultraviolet light cars to people can cause damage. Pay special attention during use: Press the white button when raising the light bar, and press the white button when putting it down. When disinfected indoor air with ultraviolet lights, the indoor should be kept clean and dry to reduce dust and water mold. On the same day, the class where ultraviolet disinfection is disinfected, and 84 disinfection is no longer used. Ultraviolet rays are used directly to disinfect, and people must not be indoors. Do not illuminate the ultraviolet light source to avoid damage.

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