1. Scope of application: suitable for disinfection of indoor air in the unmanned state.
  2. Disinfection method: UV lamps adopt a suspension or mobilization direct irradiation. UV lights (30W UV lights, strength at 1.0m at 1.0m) should be ≥1.5W/m3 at 1.0m, and the exposure time is ≥ 30min.
  3. Note:

1) The surface of the ultraviolet light should be kept clean, and 75 % to 80 % (volume ratio) ethanol cotton balls should be wiped once a week. When the surface of the lamp is found to have dust and oil, you should wipe it in time.

2) When the ultraviolet light is disinfected indoors, the room should be kept clean and dry to reduce dust and water mist. When the temperature is <20 ° C or> 40 ° C, or when the relative humidity is> 60 %, the irradiation time should be extended appropriately.

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