1. The selection shall be carried out according to the characteristics of the site. In manned environment, air disinfectors with physical factors shall be selected, and in unmanned environment, air disinfectors with chemical factors can be selected.
  2. In use, whether used for static disinfection or dynamic continuous disinfection, doors and windows are required to be closed.
  3. The air inlet and outlet of the sterilizer shall not be covered or covered with objects.
  4. In order to achieve disinfection effect, it is not allowed to use beyond the volume.
  5. When using the ozone machine for sterilization, it is strictly forbidden for the staff to work and work in the ozone environment.

In fact, nature has prepared the best air disinfection method for us – sufficient sunlight, ultraviolet ray in the sunlight, and sufficient sunlight every day is to fully disinfect the outdoor air. In the home environment, after opening windows for ventilation, the air flows, the clean outdoor air can replace the indoor air because there is turbid air after breathing. Therefore, in a well ventilated home environment, Opening windows for ventilation can ensure the air safety of you and your family. However, if there is less light, we might as well choose Lideng Environmental Protection ceiling type air disinfector (PS-501T4)

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