1. The vaporized hydrogen peroxide sterilizer cannot coexist with humans and machines (persons need to leave during the sterilization process);
  2. The volume of the disinfection room should meet the maximum rated disinfection volume of the equipment (to ensure effective disinfection results);
  3. The disinfectant used in the equipment is 30-35% food-grade hydrogen peroxide disinfectant (gloves are required during the dispensing process. If the disinfectant splashes on the skin, it should be rinsed with plenty of water immediately);
  4. The equipment disinfection placement position and parameter settings should be reasonably arranged according to the disinfection room to ensure the uniformity of the maximum disinfectant distribution;
  5. During the equipment disinfection process, the air conditioner in the disinfection room should be kept closed, and the disinfection room should be sealed;
  6. There are three processes for equipment disinfection. One is to spray the equipment with disinfectant, the second is to stand for 30-60 minutes, and the third is to ventilate the residual disinfectant for 60 minutes;
  7. The normal use frequency of disinfection equipment is once a week;
  8. Clean the surface of the used equipment with alcohol or water, and then store it in a cool place;
  9. The equipment can sterilize the internal cavity of the equipment, and it is necessary to pay attention to the supporting pipelines and prevent air leakage.

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