First of all, when I sincerely persuaded you to get the Laden plasma air disinfection machine, please do not use it blindly, carefully read the instruction manual of the air disinfection machine before using the air disinfection machine, and properly keep the use of the air disinfection machine. The manual mainly operates our plasma air disinfection machine in accordance with the requirements of the instructions. What are the precautions for the use of air disinfection machines?

  1. Since our Riden developed plasma air disinfection machine is a dynamic air disinfection machine, we will take the initiative to find bacterial viruses in the air, so we must turn off the doors and windows when using a plasma air disinfection machine.
  2. Plasma air disinfection machines are strictly prohibited from covering or blocking items. In order to ensure the disinfection effect, the disinfection time should be ≥120min. In order to achieve the disinfection effect, we must not be used over volume.
  3. Due to dynamic sterilization and disinfection due to the plasma air disinfection machine used by Liden, the air around the machine should be kept unobstructed and no object blocks.
  4. Xiaobian Xiaobian can always receive complaints from customers feedback, saying that special attention should be paid to the on the way to the plasma air disinfection machine or when loading and unloading. Filter and plasma generator device.
  5. When using an air disinfection machine, it is found abnormal. If there is a phenomenon such as a plasma generator, we need to deal with it in time, and we should immediately turn off the power switch Machine manufacturers, after -sales service.
  6. The power socket of the plasma air disinfection machine must use a three -core socket with a safe ground line. This machine is used by full -time personnel to prevent improper operation in the process of using the air disinfection machine.
  7. The cumulative time of continuous use of plasma air disinfection machines is 1,000 hours. Filter cloth, initial effect, and plasma tube should be cleaned. Regularly check the working status of the plasma air disinfection machine. If abnormalities should be maintained immediately, the electrical fault should be processed by professional technicians.

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