1. The disinfectant should use a single -phase three -hole ground socket to supply power. The power supply is 220V and the frequency is 50Hz;
  2. When the disinfection machine or lightning electricity is not used for a long time, please remove the power plug from the power socket. If the disinfection machine is not used for a long time, you should take out the battery in the remote control.
  3. The disinfection machine is strictly forbidden to rain and moisture. When cleaning the surface, avoid direct contact with water to prevent the short circuit of electric shock or electrical components;
  4. When the disinfection machine is working, there is high pressure in the machine. Non -professional should not disassemble this machine by themselves;
  5. When working on a disinfection machine, do not open the case and look directly at the UV lamp tube;
  6. Before repairing and maintaining the disinfection machine, the power should be cut off;
  7. If abnormal conditions, such as abnormal noise, odor, lamp damage and other phenomena, the power should be cut off immediately and notify the equipment management department or manufacturer professionals for maintenance.

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