The plasma disinfectant on the market improves people’s quality of life. In addition to killing the so -called sterilization of bacteria, fungi, spores, etc., there are also the functions of cleaning the function of organic pollution gas such as formaldehyde and phenol in indoor air, clearing up PM2.5, killing or filtering pollen. The release of pollutants in indoor air is persistent and uncertain, so the use of plasma disinfectant is recognized as a way to improve indoor air quality. So what are the precautions for plasma disinfectant? I introduce it first.

Precautions for plasma disinfectioners:

  1. Dust will cause machine blockage and parts to corruption. Therefore, we must clean it diligently during the daily use process. When we do not disinfection, we must wipe the dust above with a rag to help the machine’s rapid operation and avoid aging of the machine. If necessary, you can make a dust cover, which can be wrapped when not in use.
  2. Avoid humidifiers from air disinfectioners. If there is a water source in the room, try to stay away. In addition, be careful not to drip blood, pharmaceuticals, and corrosive liquids into gas. In this case, wipe it with a wet towel in time and wipe it with a dry towel.
  3. The maintenance of plasma disinfectioners. From the beginning of electricity, we all need to connect electricity, but for a long time, we can correctly unplug the power supply and be in a shutdown state to ensure that the internal balance of the machine is used for a longer use time. Within the coverage of air disinfection machines, it can generally meet the 2 -hour disinfection requirements. If not needed, try to avoid the long -term work of the machine, which can extend the life of the machine.

The above is the introduction of the precautions of ion disinfection. The working principle of a plasma disinfection is an electrolytic ozone generator and a micro -nano -ion high -speed device, which is distributed evenly when the ozone gas outputs to the micro -nano ion, and the coverage area is very large. When the polluted air is static in a plasma, negative bacteria are decomposed to achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection. And when disinfection, people do not need to leave the disinfection station. Because it has no harm to the human body.

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