1. Select regular channels for buying

When buying an air disinfection machine, we must choose to buy regular channels. If the price is too low, it is likely to be fake and shoddy products, which will endanger health.

2. Pay attention to product quality

When choosing an air disinfection machine, we must not only look at the price, but also the quality of the product. Choosing a good -quality air disinfection machine can not only play a better role, but also be more durable.

3. Pay attention to cleaning and replacing the filter element

During the use of air disinfection machines, you also need to pay attention to the cleaning and replacement of the filter element of the machine. Only their maintenance can ensure the normal use of the product.

4. Choose suitable disinfection timing

The air disinfection machine is more secure than chemical disinfection, but it does not mean that it can replace all disinfection methods. In a special period, the right time needs to be used for disinfection.

In short, when using an air disinfection machine, you should choose the right product. During the use process, pay attention to cleaning and replacement of the filter element, and choosing the right disinfection time, so as to have a better use effect.

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