The principle of disinfection of plasma disinfection: Because the total number of air negative ions exceeds the total number of positive ions, excessive air negative ions are still suspended and air, which can achieve the quality of smoking, removing gray, clearing strange smell, and improving the quality of gas, so as to facilitate physical health The health effect.

The difference between plasma and high -voltage static electricity: The purification is inconsistent, and the electrostatic purification is a type of physical phenomenon. It does not change the inherent characteristics of the air, but only reduces the dust particles in the air. Ingredients, using the fourth material form to form a large -scale high -energy electrons and hydroxyl radicals with extreme oxidation properties, generating a series of physical chemical reactions. How to choose a plasma disinfectioner: the Health Commission is approved to apply for a record, and it has the “sterilization product manufacturing enterprise health license”. The factory needs engineering acceptance and professional sterile workshop. The plasma disinfection device needs to have high -efficiency disinfection and sterilization. The “Disinfection Technical Specifications” Plasma disinfectioner sterilization specifications: Gas naturally bacteria elimination rate is ≥90.00%, and the destruction rate of Bacillus bacteria ≥99.90%. Common precautions for plasma disinfectioners: The electrical failure of the plasma disinfectioner needs to find professional staff for maintenance to ensure personal safety and equipment safety. When maintaining maintenance, be sure to turn off the power. If the plasma disinfectant is not running, please check whether the insurance of the machine is broken. If you have burned burn, please replace the 2A glass tube fuse. The remote control is not working, please check whether the battery is not electric. After confirmation, please replace two 7 batteries. After half a year of the plasma disinfectant, the filter is cleaned in time and cleared the dust in the machine to ensure the better actual effect. It must be replaced after one year of use.

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