1. When it comes to air purifiers, everyone is familiar with them. In today’s air pollution, almost every household has installed air purifiers, especially those with elderly and children, who attach great importance to air quality. But have you heard of plasma air purification? It not only has the functional characteristics of other air purifiers, but also has its unique advantages. Let’s take a look at the working principle and characteristics of plasma air purification
  2. In fact, plasma air purification refers to the negative ion air purifier, which is an environmental optimization appliance that uses its own plasma to purify, remove dust, deodorize and sterilize the air. Its core function is to use its own characteristics of dust removal, dust reduction, sterilization and detoxification to generate plasma and optimize indoor air. In short, it is the product of releasing air plasma through electrical decomposition to finally achieve the goal of purifying air.
  3. Plasma air purification mainly uses high-energy electrons to achieve the purpose of sterilization by colliding with molecules in the air. It can also play a good role in air evolution. In particular, it can use a variety of combined fan systems and filtering systems to achieve the characteristics of rapid purification, even in large spaces can quickly purify the air. It has brought great convenience to people’s lives.
  4. The operation of plasma air purification is fully automatic. It also has a flexible fan operation system, which can effectively save energy and protect the environment. It can also bring good purification effect to the air, killing two birds with one stone.
  5. Plasma air purification can effectively filter formaldehyde, solid particles and other air pollutants, with good cleaning effect; In addition, it can effectively remove harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses, and is a powerful helper to protect human health.
  6. The plasma air purification adopts an advanced filter screen system, which allows you to know the cleaning degree of the filter screen at any time and anywhere, so that you can replace the filter screen in time when the cleaning effect is poor. The maintenance is very simple, which brings more convenience to our life.

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