1. Plasma Empty pre -loaded electricity dust collection: work principle:
    Utilize extremely uneven electric fields, or to form electric halo and discharge to generate plasma, which contains a large amount of electrons and positive ions under the gradient of the electric field, and occurs with non -flexible collisions with granular pollutants in the air, which is attached to it so that it will become it become it to become it. Dutch ions, under the effect of power -up field power, were collected by the dust collection.
    The processing process is divided into three stages: 1) E + M (pollutant molecules)-m-; 2) M- + SP (solid particles)-(SPM)-; 3) (SPM) — SPM (SPM ( Deposited on the pole of the dust). Electricity dust collection is a physical process. In this process, it has high clearance efficiency for the total suspended particles (TSP) with a diameter of less than 100 μm in the air and the inhaled particles (PM10) with a diameter of less than μm.
    Charge ion air disinfection machine

Second, the principle of plasma chemical reactions:
By discharged by high -frequency high -voltage pulse veins with high -frequency high -frequency (nanoseconds) at front of the front edge, obtained non -thermal plasma under normal temperature and normal pressure, and use a large amount of active particles in plasma to toxic, harmful, and difficult to degrade pollution Things are directly decomposed and removed.
Through two channels: one is to open the chemical bonds of some harmful gas molecules under the instantaneous and high energy of high -energy electrons to make it directly decompose into single -quality atoms or harmless molecules; Under the action of particles and oxygen free radicals, hydrogen and oxygen free radicals (free geneticism has a strong activity of electrons), oxidation and disintegration into harmless products.

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