Utilize extremely uneven electric fields or form electric halo discharge to generate plasma. Under the influence of the gradient of the electric field, a large amount of electrons and positive ions contained in it collide with unrelated collision with the particle pollutants in the air, which is attached to it, causing it to be collected by the dust collector below. The role of the power field force.
The processing process is divided into three stages: 1) E+M (pollutant molecular) -m-; 2) M-+SP (solid particles)-(SPM)-; 3) (SPM)-SPM (deposited in dust removal On the device). Static dust removal is a physical process. In this process, the total suspended particulate matter (TSP) with a diameter of less than 100 μm in the air and the inhaled particulate matter (PM10) with a diameter of less than μm have high removal efficiency.

Plasma air disinfection devices have a large amount of positive and negative ions. The charged ion cluster actively attacks virus bacteria, destroying the cell membrane, the virus DNA and protein, making its air bacterial virus quickly lose activity until it kills and decompose

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